CRM Calling Integration

Leverage your existing CRM and display customer information instantly to your agents. The CRM calling integration enables your Calling Telephone Integration (CTI) scenarios that you are used to but now seamless integrated into Microsoft Teams.

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Seamless integration into Microsoft Teams

Integrate your Microsoft Teams voice-calling platform and your CRM system with to provide an instantaneous, 360-degree client view from the moment you receive a phone call. In addition to basic contact information, you can also retrieve real-time data such as new and outstanding invoices. The Microsoft Teams calling integration allows your organization to become more efficient and productive while increasing customer engagement.

Get your 360-degree customer view

When using Microsoft Teams as your telephony platform, the platform looks up and displays the callers’ address and other CRM information, even before the call is answered. The contact card of the customer can be opened directly, allowing your agents to provide quality customer service that feels personalized. This information gives your first-line workers the 360-degree view that they need to provide outstanding customer service.

Making it part of you Line of Business application

For many businesses, critical data and business process logic is stored in the Line Of Business (LOB) application. By using low/no-code solutions like Microsoft Power Automate, automated workflows can be triggered and customer information can be retrieved or automatically updated in real time. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be performed by the same platform and easily programmed to perform repetitive tasks across different applications.

Any system has out-of-the-box integration with TOPdesk enterprise and Microsoft Dynamics 365 but can also integrate with any other CRM system using the application programming interface (API).

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