Initiate contact by finding the right contact information in the Phonebook

Contact at top speed

The phonebook enhances Microsoft Teams client with a click & dial feature. You can search for contacts stored in the companies central CRM system and with one click you can start calling all within your Microsoft Teams client. Saving you valuable time and making sure your staff always has the correct information when they need to reach out.

Any channel

With the newly released Phonebook App integration, it’s possible to initiate contact by searching on a name, organization or any other contact information all from Microsoft Teams. Contact can be initiated from anywhere within Microsoft Teams. Just click on the app icon and select ‘search contact’. Easy as that! By clicking on any phonenumber or e-mailadress, you get the option to make a call or send a chat or email message.

Seamless integration

To make sure there is one single truth looks up the customer data from a central CRM system. supports natively Microsoft Dynamics, TOPdesk, SalesForce and simultaneous any other CRM systems via the provided API.

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