Stay close to your citizens

Maximize access to public information across departments  

When a quick online chat is all that is required for someone to get the information they need about public services in their city, they won’t be queuing up outside government offices or holding up their phone lines. Armed with online government chatbots, civic bodies can offer an extremely efficient customer support desk where citizens can get instant and accurate answers to their questions without human intervention.

Chatbot for Online Support
Connect your citizens with public services 24/7 from their desktop or mobile. Use the chatbot to support citizens and provide instant answers regarding laws, regulations, policies, community-level activities, request processing, events, public holidays, public records and more. The chatbot’s artificial intelligence algorithm uses machine learning to help it respond to new questions. Feedback from these conversations will give you useful insights into the needs of your citizens.

Informational Services
Chatbots offer instant communication across a broad spectrum of governmental topics with 24/7 availability. When needed, chatbot conversations can be automatically escalated to a human for more complicated issues.

Any channel
Citizens reach out to you via the channel that is most convenient for them. With, conversations can start with a chatbot, but transition to another channel, such as a voice call or chat with an actual agent, when needed. It does not matter which touchpoint your customer uses to initiate the contact. Supported touchpoints include web chatbots, WhatsApp, voice, and social media like Twitter and Facebook.