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Customer engaged companies make it a priority to know their customers and to use this information in every business decision. For this understanding the daily interactions with their customer is essential. Getting insights on KPI’s and your own performance allows you to manage your business even better.

“Better and more efficient team create customers satisfaction and loyalty.”

Understand your customer
Traditionally, companies have interacted with their customers 'ad hoc' without knowing their status or history. Each communication is cold and impersonal, leaving the customer with the feeling that they must “start over” from the beginning with each interaction.

To provide effective service, organizations must have insights into the needs of their customers and the full picture of their interactions. They must know their customers not only through their current situation but also through the journey that they’ve taken. Getting those insights while monitoring and acting on those journeys is made possible by

Get insights
The reporting module provides your organization with the details of your communication history, including response time, assigned/unassigned time, and the sentiment of each conversation or the overall customer history.

Sentiment analysis uses natural language processing, text analysis, and computational linguistics to help you determine the effectiveness and performance of your service agents. The analytics evaluate complete conversations so you can clearly see if a customer starts “happy” and ends in a negative state or (preferably) the other way around.

Know your customer
Simplify the process of carrying out due diligence when verifying the identity of clients, suppliers, and partners to ensure their integrity and verify their compliance with current regulations.

Get insights on KPI’s and performances to manage your organization even better.

Microsoft Power BI
Integrate with Microsoft Power BI for interactive visualizations and more business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users to create their own reports and dashboards.