Microsoft Dynamics365

Teams Calling CRM integrationĀ 

Teams Calling CRM integration

With Dynamics365

A clear 360° view of your customers instantly gives your agents a detailed overview of the customer that they’re working with by parsing the information available in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. Not only do you know the current status of a customer but also the journey that they’ve taken, allowing you to avoid repetitive questions and minimize call times while providing efficient, quality service.

“Our agents have a clear understanding of the customer and their status even before they answer the phone. It’s not mind reading. It’s just outstanding customer service.”

Line of Business Application integration

For many businesses, Microsoft Dynamics not only contains critical data but also their business process logic, making it THE Line of Business (LOB) application for their entire organization. By using the Microsoft Power Automate option within, automated workflows can be triggered and customer information can be retrieved or automatically updated in real time. For example, you can configure to update your Microsoft Dynamics timeline automatically when a customer contacts you via WhatsApp, which then triggers Microsoft Dynamics Business logic to follow up with a sales process.

One single truth

Having all of your customer and business data accessible through a single, unified interface is an essential part of world-class customer service. Providing your agents with the tools they need to succeed maximizes their effectiveness while boosting overall customer confidence and satisfaction.

Service with a smile allows you to keep the familiar interface of Microsoft Teams while maximizing your information storage and retrieval capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics is automatically updated, and your defined business workflows are triggered seamlessly. Your first line workers and back-office personnel are more tightly integrated than ever before, resulting in an excellent customer service experience.